4 Factors to Consider when Looking for a Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Company

Your commercial enterprise is too important to put in the hands of a sub-par janitorial service. Proper cleaning and sanitation helps keep your business safe for customers and staff. The cleanliness of your commercial property, from its bathroom sinks to the lobby floor, also affects your reputation in your community.

It’s vitally important to work with a commercial janitorial cleaning company that will take care of your business consistently and reliably. As you’re choosing the commercial cleaning company for your business, here are four important factors to take into consideration.

Reputation and References

The reputation of your commercial cleaning company means a lot! If other businesses have had a good experience with that cleaning company, there’s a good chance your business will too. There are a few ways to gauge a business’s reputation.

Online reviews, if they are available, can give you a sense of a business’s overall customer satisfaction. Look for patterns. When different customers complain about the same problems or describe the same good experiences over and over again, this is an indication of the company’s typical performance.

Contact references. A reputable company should have references that will vouch for the company’s overall performance. Ask questions such as:

  • How long have you been working with this company?
  • Would you refer this company to others?
  • Are the workers timely?
  • Do you ever feel that they cut corners?
  • How well does the staff follow instructions?


When you call the company for the first time, evaluate their communication skills. Are they listening to you? Are they asking relevant questions? Do they seem engaged in the conversation? Are you able to communicate your needs with them? Do they answer your questions to your satisfaction?

Although communication isn’t everything for a commercial janitorial company, it’s still very important to hire a company that communicates properly, listens well, and is attentive to the needs of its customers. Communication skills and customer service are heavily tied. A company that does not prioritize good communication likely does not prioritize good customer service overall.

Skills and Expertise

Before hiring the company of your choice, evaluate their skills and expertise. How much experience does the company have with businesses like yours? Does your business have specific needs – and if so, can the company you’re considering fill those needs? To evaluate a company’s skills and expertise:

  • Review their website to look for years in business, special certifications, services and specialties
  • Decide whether your company needs any special cleaning services, such as event cleaning, green cleaning or medical facility cleaning – then look for a company that offers those services
  • Ask other businesses in your industry for a referral to find a company that services businesses of your type

Costs and Quality

Know your monthly budget, but remember that the lowest cost company may not be the best company for your needs. Your company’s reputation, sanitation and the appearance of your commercial building is at stake. It’s worth it to pay for a quality service, rather than save money on a company that cannot perform the job.

Get a quote in writing from every company you’re considering. Remember to compare services as well as prices to ensure that it’s an apples-to-apples comparison. Find out how often the company raises their prices and by how much.

Are You In Need of Commercial Janitorial Services?

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