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Comprehensive Maintenance and Cleaning Services

Whether you manage an office, medical practice, restaurant, theater or a high-rise office building, a safe and sanitary workplace is essential to your business’ reputation and success. Blue Chip understands the importance of a professionally maintained facility offering a full range of quality building maintenance services throughout New York City, including:


Qualified to remedy minor issues and repairs, as well as security and general upkeep, a super provides a worry-free way of maintaining your facility so that you can focus on operating your business.


A handyman’s versatility enables him to perform electrical, plumbing, mechanical and general carpentry work, eliminating the need for multiple contractors.

Pest Control & Extermination

Exterminate unwelcome pests and vermin that infest buildings and surrounding areas with Blue Chip’s Pest Control & Extermination Services in NYC.

Pressure Washing

Make a positive first impression by making sure your building’s sidewalk and exterior are clean.

For over twenty years Blue Chip has provided a full range of quality building maintenance services in the greater NYC Metro area, to businesses large and small. To learn more about how your facility can benefit from our commercial cleaning services, please request a free estimate or call us at 212-564-0100. We look forward to hearing from you.