Dangerous Dust: Why Regular Green Cleaning is Necessary

About ten years ago, a study was performed on dust particles from around the United States. Samples were collected from inside vacuums across America: California, Maine, Michigan, New York, Oregon, and Washington. Each sample was tested in a lab for the presence of six chemical classes—phthalates, pesticides, alkylphenols, brominated flame retardants, organotins and perfluorinated compounds, all of which were pre-determined to be extremely hazardous to humans.

Not so surprisingly, all of these hazardous chemicals were found in high concentrations within the vacuumed dust particles. The chemicals are known to be hormone disrupting and disease causing. From asthma to cancer, the chemicals harbored in dust have been unknowingly adding to numerous epidemics. This is especially concerning for those of us in colder climates that spend an average of ninety percent of our day indoors. All day long, at home and at the office, we are breathing in these dust particles.

Where is the dust coming from? Over time, all household and office objects ‘shed’ dust particles. The office furniture, the insulation in the walls, and outdoor pollutants all settle indoors where we are spending most of our time. They get passed through air vents and get carried throughout the building. Each square inch of airspace contains several thousand dust particles. That number rises up into the hundreds of thousands for extremely dense air (imagine the huge quantity of dust particles sitting on that area behind your computer right now).

Not only is dust hazardous to human respiratory health, but it’s also worth noting that dust is highly combustible. Up to seventy percent of dusts are flammable given an adequate fuel source and high enough concentration. A layer of dust just 1/32” deep, covering 5% of the floor is capable of causing significant damage to an office. In fact, one dust fire occurs every week in the US.

With alarming statistics stacking up against dust, the cure is rather simple. A regular professional deep cleaning will help to keep the dust at bay. Especially if your building is carpeted, the dust settles and requires regular cleaning to remove dust and debris. Buildings that have recently undergone construction are especially prone to all varieties of unsafe dust particles from PVC, insulation, and other building materials. A properly maintained building will lead to a safer and cleaner environment.

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