Does your Cleaning Company have insurance?

Accidents can happen. This potential exists with even the most careful cleaning service employee. Cleaning service employees are in the position of having care, custody, and control of delicate, sensitive materials on a routine basis which leaves clients open to potential losses. It is not unheard of for a cleaning service technician can apply the incorrect product causing some sort of damage or for a client to slip and fall because a wet floor sign was ignored.

This creates a liability problem for any cleaning service; not every cleaning service has liability insurance. When your business seeks to hire a janitorial service, one of the first questions you should ask is, “Does your business carry liability insurance?”

Liability insurance helps ensure that your assets are protected and that you can seek compensation in case of an accident. Here’s what to know.

What’s Covered by Liability Insurance?

What benefit are you getting from hiring a cleaning service with general liability insurance? This type of insurance will help cover claims if your cleaning business causes damage in various ways. The main type of damages covered by liability insurance include property damage, and personal injury.

Property damage is one of the most common problems incurred while cleaning. For example, if one of the employees with your cleaning company breaks a window or a piece of equipment, their insurance may cover this expense.

If your cleaning company appears to bare responsibility for bodily injury through their actions, for example, a slip and fall accident, their insurance should cover expenses related to these injuries through bodily injury coverage.

If you have questions about this coverage or want to know whether your cleaning company’s insurance covers a specific type of damage, you can ask your cleaning company to show you their insurance policy.

Benefits of Insurance For Your Cleaning Company

Insurance benefits both you and your cleaning company. When a covered event occurs, you’re protected. Your cleaning company is also protected, which can help ensure that your cleaning company will be around to continue offering good services, even if a covered event occurs. Companies that operate without insurance can sometimes be put out of business by unforeseen circumstances and their consequences.

When this happens, this disrupts clients who must find a new company to provide services. Hiring a company with the appropriate insurance coverage from the outset helps ensure this won’t happen to you.

Hire a Cleaning Company With Insurance

If your cleaning company doesn’t have insurance, your business could be left responsible for repairing the damage or harm when something goes wrong. Your cleaning company’s insurance policy protects you from financial risk.

Perhaps even more importantly, having an insurance policy indicates that your cleaning company takes its business seriously. Which business would you rather hire: one that protects its clients or one that doesn’t?

Blue Chip Building Maintenance has provided commercial cleaning services in the New York City metro area for 25 years. We have liability insurance to ensure that our clients are protected. Call today to discuss our rates or to sign up for cleaning services with Blue Chip.