Four Reasons to Keep Your Workspace Clean

45908034_s-1100x0Not only is your workspace seen as a reflection of your personality and character, but it is also the spot you spend most of your day – which means you want it to be as germ-free as possible. There are endless reasons behind keeping your workspace clean, four of which we have highlighted below.

Reduce Stress

Staring at a streaky screen, a dusty keyboard and an enormous pile of paperwork is sure to give you stress. And the easiest way to reduce this stress is by keeping your office clean. A well-organized, dirt free environment will help you to get your work done in a more timely matter, while helping to fight off the cold and flu symptoms that cause extra stress in the workplace.

Limit Distractions

On top of making your office a stress-free environment, cleaning up your space will help to limit distractions. A messy desk can be one of the biggest workplace distractions, while a clean one will give you plenty of room to work – making it easier to get each of your tasks done in an efficient manner.

Even a dirty computer screen can be distracting, which is why we recommend wiping down your screens and cleaning your keyboard on a weekly basis.

Create a Professional Appearance

Would you rather have a clean and organized individual in charge of your account, or one who may leave your paperwork and confidential information lying around? A clean office promotes a professional appearance that clients and coworkers alike will respect and appreciate.

Your level of cleanliness can be seen as a direct reflection of you and your professionalism, so be sure to put your best foot forward with a tidy workspace.

Stay Healthy

The more time you spend at your desk, the more likely it is for germs to build up. To keep illnesses at bay, take a few minutes to wipe off your desk with disinfecting wipes each day. Your phone, keyboard and computer mouse are home to the most germs in your workspace, so be sure to clean them the most frequently.

Whether you have a tiny cubicle or an expansive office, there are endless reasons and benefits behind keeping your space clean. For companies that are interested in ensuring the entirety of their office is kept in order, Blue Chip Building Maintenance provides high-quality janitorial, business and office cleaning services throughout the New York City area and our customizable solutions allow us to meet the needs of customers large and small.

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