NYC Office Cleaning – How Clean is Your Office Coffee Mug?

How clean is your coffee mug?When it comes to maintaining a germ-free office environment, one of the most important things to remember is to continually provide fresh cleaning supplies for your employees. According to a recent study carried out by the Department of Soil, Water and Environmental Science at the University of Arizona, 20 percent of office coffee mugs carry fecal bacteria and 90 percent of mugs carry other germs too. These numbers are shocking and absolutely revolting to the vast majority of us who keep a coffee mug at our desk and wash it out in the office sink each day.

So where is this enormous number of germs and bacteria coming from?

Most likely the cleaning instruments you are using. With so many employees using the same sponges and dish rags each day, these cleaning supplies become a breeding ground for bacteria.

To keep your office coffee mug clean and yourself free of illness, there are a couple different techniques you can employ. recommends taking your coffee mug home regularly to clean in a hot dishwasher, while mentions using soap, hot water and a paper towel to wash your coffee mug at the office in place of that dirty sponge.

You could also switch to a travel mug, bringing your own morning coffee along with you from home and bringing the travel mug home each evening for cleaning.

Obviously, it is important for your management team to replace sponges, towels and other cleaning items regularly. And it is just as important for your company to employ a janitorial service to ensure that all office surfaces are properly maintained. Those same germs that are being transferred from your sponges to your coffee mugs can end up on countertops, door knobs and other high-traffic office locations!

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