How to keep your carpet looking brand new

If you’re a business owner, then you’re always concerned about your company’s bottom line and how you can be as efficient and as cost effective as possible.  Aside from your employees, your business’s physical assets are probably the most important thing you need to consider in terms of cost controls.

Extending the life of tables, chairs, flooring and carpets can be a big cost saver over the long run if you just follow a few simple habits.  Carpeting in particular can cost a lot to replace, so here are a few tips to keep it looking brand new for as long as possible.

Vacuum frequently.  This holds true especially in highly trafficked areas of your business.  Small pieces of grit, grime and dirt that are tracked in will grind on your carpet’s fabric and cause it to wear out quickly if you don’t commit to vacuuming it on a regular basis.  Three times a week for heavily used areas is appropriate, and once or twice a week for less trafficked areas should suffice.

Use doormats.  If you have a business where the weather is severe, consider placing doormats at strategic entry areas throughout your business.  Encourage employees and visitors to wipe their feet before they track outdoor dirt, mud and muck into your workplace.

Have your carpets cleaned on a regular basis.  Vacuuming is good, but a deep carpet cleaning is better.  A professional cleaner will get the deep seated dirt out of your carpet and not only make it sparkle, but go a long ways to extending the life of the carpet as well.

Use a carpet protector spray.  When you have your carpets cleaned, opt for the use of a protective spray that will put a shield over the carpets.  This is sometimes overlooked but a vital consideration because over time, the protective layer of stain resistant carpets will break down, leaving your important less protected than it should be.

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