The Importance of Winter Carpet Cleaning

Winter is just around the corner, meaning that New York City is lining up the salt trucks that will soon be dusting the city in a finely ground combination of dirt and salt. While this means safer roads, the damages that are incurred because of the salt can be extensive. The salt wreaks havoc not only on cars, but also on carpets and flooring of professional buildings. As snow mixes in with the salt and dirt, it sticks to boots and shoes – traveling right through the doors and coming to rest in the carpet.

Over time, we begin to notice those white stains forming around the areas that are most exposed to the salt. High traffic areas such as entrances and hallways are especially prone to the white salt stains. In addition to the unpleasant and dirty look of the carpet stains, the damage can be extensive.

Salt is a high alkaline element, meaning that it causes great damage if left in the carpet long term. Over time, it eventually breaks down the fibers in the carpet, leaving you with a necessary carpet replacement. The best way to prevent carpet damage is to stop the salt from coming in contact with your carpet in the first place. As you know, in a professional environment it is unlikely that you can enforce a “no shoes” rule as you might at home. The next best solution is to have the carpets at your business professionally cleaned. Frequent deep cleanings ensure that all foreign materials are removed from deep within the fibers; including salt, allergens, viruses, and dirt. Most carpets that are exposed to high traffic during winter months must be replaced within five years if professional cleaning services are not used.

Once your carpets have been professionally cleaned, consider investing in protective mats that can be placed in high traffic areas.

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