Commercial Carpet Cleaning New York – Keep Office Carpets Clean

Cleaning Office CarpetsCarpet can give an office space a more “homey” look which is why many office spaces choose to install carpets instead of tile floors. However, carpets are known for harboring bacteria, mold, and dust mites. If you have decided to go with carpet in your office, you need to be aware of how to keep it clean.

Vacuum Every Day

Many people eat and drink at their desk at work. Even if you have a designated break room or eating space for employees, the majority of them will have coffee, granola bars, or chips at their desk. Crumbs and spills will inevitably end up on the carpet. Crumbs are the biggest contributor to insects finding their way into the building and they need to be addressed. Custodial staff should vacuuming the carpets at the end of each day. It is important to go underneath the desks where shoes sit as well, not just around the outside.

Spot Clean as Needed

Office carpets can be easily stained from a white out spill or a dropped marker. If something is spilled onto the carpet, it is important that employees understand that they need to address it immediately. By spot cleaning stains as they happen, you can rest assured that your office carpet will last longer. Set stains are next to impossible to get out with the everyday cleaning supplies that offices have on hand. If stains are treated right away, they are less likely to appear on the carpet for eternity.

Put Down Mats and Rugs

If you have a carpet in your office building, we encourage using plastic mats underneath the desks or putting area rugs into high traffic areas. By putting plastic mats underneath the desks, spills can be easily wiped up. If someone’s shoes are muddy, the mud can be wiped off the plastic mat. Area rugs in frequent traffic areas can be picked up and replaced much easier than a full carpet can be. If you live in a place with frequent rain or snow, it’s important to have an entrance carpet to wipe feet off on to avoid water and slush being tracked inside.

Hire Professional Cleaners

Cleaning a large scale office carpet is a job for trained professionals. If you want your carpet looking top notch, you have to call for top notch assistance. Carpet replacements are expensive so if you can get the carpet thoroughly cleaned, it’s worth the cost. Professional cleaners, such as Blue Chip Maintenance, can provide a deep cleaning system that will penetrate the carpet fibers and flush out the dirt, leaving the carpet fresh, clean, and invigorated.

Carpets are known to harbor dirt, pollutants, and allergens. Keeping them clean is the job of you and your employees, deep cleaning them is ours. Contact us today to request an estimate.