Keeping Clean Carpets

Keeping clean carpets in your office environment or commercial setting can help stop the spread of illnesses among employees and clients. Clean carpets also reflect well on your business, boost employee confidence, and even reduce the potential for hazards you may not be aware of.

While this may sound like a small enough task, keeping clean carpets isn’t always easy. Here’s what to know about cleaning your carpets – and keeping them clean – in your commercial building.

The Problem with Dirty Carpets

Microscopic Pollutants

Dirty carpeting can be problematic in many ways. Stains, debris, dirt, dust mites, crumbs, and germs can accumulate over many years of use.

Carpet buildup is normal. It’s easy for microscopic particles and tiny specks of debris to get cozy deep within carpet fibers. Unfortunately, this buildup isn’t always easy to clean or extract.

If you could look deep within your carpet fibers, you would see a thriving network of dust mites, volatile compounds, and mold. Dust mites feed on human hair, dead skin cells, pet dander, and food crumbs, while mold feeds on damp, decomposing organic material.

Health Effects

Simply walking on the carpet and moving furniture around can kick these microscopic organisms and chemicals back into the air, making for a less than healthy environment for employees. The presence of these carpet dwellers may lead to increased rates of asthma attacks, seasonal allergies, and cold and flu viruses.

Cold and flu viruses can survive for up to 18 hours on hard surfaces, so imagine how long they could thrive in your carpet fibers. Furthermore, bacteria increase by 31% each day when a surface isn’t disinfected.

In addition, about two thousand dust mites can thrive on one ounce of carpet dust.


Dust mites aren’t the only organisms that thrive in dirty carpets. Dirty carpeting also creates a comfortable environment for bugs like cockroaches and small rodents as well. These pests find food in the carpeting fibers, thus creating a dirty and unsafe work environment.


How to Keep Your Carpet Clean

Performing regular carpet maintenance improves the cleanliness of your office environment. This can improve your employees’ health while lengthening your carpet’s life.

Keeping your office carpet clean is easy if you’re working with a cleaning professional to get the work done. Your cleaning professional can:

  • Vacuum your carpets regularly. Carpets that see regular foot traffic should be cleaned weekly. Have your cleaning company vacuum your carpets at least once weekly to remove crumbs and dirt.
  • Shampoo carpets periodically. Shampooing carpets can eliminate chemicals, dust, and tiny organisms like dust mites. Shampooing your carpets can also improve your carpet’s appearance and reflect well on your business. It’s essential to have your carpet shampooing performed by a pro.
  • Maintain an overall clean environment. Less dust in the environment means less dust on your carpeting. Hire a cleaning professional to keep your office environment – and, by extension, your carpets – cleaner and healthier.

Maintain a Clean, Healthy Work Environment With Blue Chip Building Maintenance

Dirty carpets make problems for businesses. By keeping dirty carpets, your company could risk the health and safety of your employees. Blue Chip Building Maintenance uses safe cleaning products and reliable cleaning services to help businesses like yours keep a cleaner work environment.

For information on maintaining a clean and healthy carpet, contact Blue Chip Building Maintenance. We have the tools to remove years of buildup and stains from deep in your carpet.