Business Cleaning NYC – Office Cleaning Tips to Get Your Company through the Winter Months

With icy roads and sidewalks covered in slush, winter in the metro New York City area can dramatically impact the cleanliness of your workplace. Proper and constant cleaning is more important than ever. Below, we’ve made recommendations that to help ensure that your cleaning routine will keep your workplace safe and beautiful for your staff and clients.


At this time of year, puddles of water will collect in your lobby, break room and other frequently traveled areas. You may also notice salt stains on your floors and rugs.

Regular mopping of the floors is essential to prevent slips and falls, while carpet cleaning can prevent salt from discoloring or damaging the fibers. Maintaining a consistent floor cleaning routine will keep your office space looking fresh and clean all winter long, while also preventing that damp, moldy smell of highly trafficked carpet in winter.


Natural daylight gives your workspace a crisp, clean appearance and also helps to boost employee morale. Window cleaning is more important than ever at this time of year as wind, sleet and snow add dirt and grime to your windows. Have them cleaned multiple times throughout the season to let as much light into your building as possible.


Winter is a time when germs and bacteria cause flu and colds that can spread around the office. High-touch areas like door handles and stair railings can spread illnesses from one worker to another, until your entire office is infected. Clean high-touch areas on a regular basis. Ensure that your cleaning company uses antibacterial cleaner on surfaces such as:

  • Handle on the water cooler and coffee carafe
  • Stair railings, hallway walls
  • Door knobs
  • Keyboards, phone headsets, computer mice
  • Copy machine buttons and printer buttons


With your HVAC system constantly running throughout the winter, dust may build up on surfaces quickly. Work with your cleaning company to beef up your office dusting routine. If dust seems excessive at this time of year, this could be a sign that your office ducts need to be cleaned by professionals. Check your ducts by removing a vent cover and peering inside. If the ducts appear dusty, then it’s time.

Holiday Party Cleaning

Holiday parties can create a lot of extra mess around the office. That artificial tree drops needles on the lobby floor, and the holiday dinner feast creates extra mess in food preparation spaces. Your office may need the kitchen and dining area deep cleaned in advance of holiday parties, to ensure a happy experience for your office workers.

Schedule extra cleanings before and after your holiday events. Contact your professional cleaning service now to get on the schedule.

Evaluate Your Cleaning Routine

With salt on the floors, germs on high-touch surfaces and dust building up on surfaces, your office may need extra cleanings in winter. Work with your professional cleaning company to add a day to your routine, if needed.

Contact the Cleaning Professionals

The holiday rush and cold weather can be a stressful and busy time for all of us. Luckily, Blue Chip Building Maintenance, Inc. is here to help NYC businesses, small and large, meet their cleaning needs.

We’re happy to work with you to come up with a schedule that will keep your office space looking its best throughout the winter months ahead. To learn more and request a quote, please give us a call at 212-564-0100.