Stop Seasonal Allergies in Their Tracks

Seasonal Allergy HelpIf seasonal allergies have your office sniffling and sneezing, it is likely that your employees are getting less work done. A great way to increase production when flowers are blooming and grass is being mowed is to get cleaning! In three simple steps you will be able to transform your workplace into a safe haven from seasonal allergies, helping your employees breathe easier.

Keep Windows Closed

As much as we all love the feeling of a warm breeze after a long winter stuck indoors, open windows and doors let in a lot more than just fresh air. They also bring in the pollen and dust mites that are causing everyone’s runny noses and watery eyes.

Moisture from outside can also increase the potential spread of mold and dust mites, making your air conditioning unit an allergy-friendly alternative to opening the windows and using a fan to create a good breeze.

Declutter Your Desks

Dust always finds a way to settle onto computer screens and office phones, as well as into the cracks and crevices of your keyboard. To reduce allergens in your office space, take some time to clean off desk surfaces, wiping them down with cleaning solution and minimizing clutter as you work.

Increase Frequency of Cleaning

With employees, clients and customers walking in and out of the building all day long, there is no way to completely eliminate the tracking of pollen and dander into your office space. The best way to combat this is to increase the number of evenings your cleaning company provides service. Regularly vacuumed carpets and dusted cabinetry can be a big help in reducing the effects of seasonal allergies.

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