The Most Common Stains You’ll Find Around the Office

Offices are dynamic places of work that are constantly buzzing with activity. Employees and clients are in a non-stop flux that can turn the office into somewhat of a zoo. However the hustle and bustle of office life brings with it the possibility of a stain or two. Food and drink are used to power employees through their 9-5 jobs. With so many people in such a confined area, there is bound to be a spill or two. Here are some of the most common stains that you’ll see around the office.

Coffee Stain

The morning might as well be synonymous with caffeine. As such, every properly functioning workplace has a coffee pot that is constantly being fought over by employees in need of a morning pick-me-up. Mix morning fatigue with a quick shot of caffeine and you get spillage. Coffee stains aren’t just found on the rugs, but on desks, clothes, and chairs. Instead of tracking down the culprit of every coffee stain in the office, call Blue Chip for a thorough NYC office cleaning.

Blood Stain

While blood may be a far less common stain than coffee, it can still be found throughout the office. Minor cuts that may go unnoticed can lead to a number of blood spots throughout the office area. While they may go unnoticed by many, you surely wouldn’t want a potential client playing the guessing game when it trying to figure out what stain they’re looking at when they’re in the waiting room.


Even though most workspaces have nearly gone completely digital, ink is still a business staple that remains from the past. Even after nearly all the printer and pen ink have left the office you’ll still be able to find a spot or two lurking around the office. Tidy up your place of work by calling in the stain reinforcements of an NYC-based business cleaning service.