Things to Expect from An Office Cleaning Service

Do you know what to expect from an office cleaning service? If not, you’re in for a treat. A good cleaning service should provide reliable services, good customer service and transparent billing practices for clients. The best cleaning services will have the skills, experience and know-how to keep your commercial building looking its best. Knowing what to expect from your commercial cleaning service is important. Here’s what to look for when you’re hiring a commercial cleaning service.

Customer Service 

When you call your commercial cleaning service, how do they treat their customers? A good cleaning service will:

  • Answer calls right away.
  • Provide accurate information when you call.
  • Use a polite tone of voice.
  • Have an organized system for scheduling your cleaning service.

Skill and Experience

When you hire a professional cleaning service, your office space should be immaculate when their work is finished. When the cleaning service leaves at the end of a shift, the surfaces should look and smell clean, the floors should appear freshly vacuumed and the trash bins should all be empty.

The reason you can count on this to be true is because a good cleaning service will hire skilled, experienced cleaning staff who know where to focus their attention in the limited time they’re in your office. This is good for your staff, who appreciate a clean and safe working environment, and any clients that spend time on your premises.


A good cleaning service will know how to do their job safely, without doing damage to your valuable office equipment, your furnishings and your office space. They know which cleaning products are best for your surfaces, and which cleaning products should never be mixed.

A good cleaning service should also know how to keep themselves safe. Cleaning is hard work, which can also be hard on the body, if you’re not careful. Working with an experienced cleaning service helps ensure that the work gets done without incidents that could be costly or harmful.


A professional cleaning service should be reliable, showing up on time at the appointed hour. They do the job they’ve been paid to do, without fail. You can expect:

  • Predictable quality of work.
  • Maintaining a consistent schedule.
  • Peace of mind knowing the work will be done correctly.

Transparent Billing Practices

The best cleaning services will have transparent billing practices, most likely laid out in a contract for services that explains in detail what you’re paying for, how often, when – all of this information and more.

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