Waxing 101 | What you need to know about waxing floors

Floor waxing is an undervalued part of building maintenance. Our floors are naturally prone to dings, scratches, dirt, and debris buildup. As time goes on, floors (especially hardwood and linoleum) are exposed to a myriad of damaging effects. The process of waxing enables these surfaces to be restored and also helps in protecting them from future damage. Tile, linoleum, hardwood, marble, cement, and other various other types of flooring can benefit from a consistent schedule of waxing treatments. Regular waxing can dramatically extend the life of your floor while keeping them looking radiant. Here are some things to keep in mind about waxing:

Clean & Dry First

There are a few methods to choose from in regards to waxing. No matter which you choose, it is important that your first step is cleaning. If the waxing process takes place on top of unclean floors, you will do a really great job of making sure that dirt stays there forever. The wax seals whatever debris is left directly to the surface and it is nearly impossible to undo it. So be sure to start with clean, dry floors. You’ll want to remove furniture and other large objects and make sure the floor beneath them is clean as well. Luckily for you, you can hire professionals to do this for you.

Allocate Time

Waxing is a time consuming, several-step process. In addition to cleaning, you may also want to strip the floor of prior wax layers before you even begin to apply the wax. Either way, you will have to set aside time, perhaps overnight or during a long weekend, that will allow for adequate settling time. During this time, you’ll want to make sure that no one is walking on or putting furniture on the treated surfaces.

Regular Maintenance

Once your floors have been cleaned, waxed, and dried, you will want to set in place a series of maintenance procedures to ensure that they keep their luster for as long as possible. Dust mop, sweep, or vacuum them regularly to make sure dirt will not settle in and stain the surface. Microfibers are great for picking up pesky dust and improving indoor air quality. Use a liquid cleaner as needed to conserve the shine. A properly maintained floor will inevitably need to be re-waxed once or twice per year.


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