What To Do When Nightly Cleaning Services Aren’t Sufficient

If your company is home to dozens or hundreds of employees, the workspace is bound to get dirty quickly. A disorganized place of work can lead to distractions and a decrease in productivity. Most large offices require that a janitorial crew clean the office every night. However, sometimes this way of cleaning isn’t sufficient. If you feel that cleaning may be needed throughout the day, you should consult with a business cleaning provider such as Blue Chip that provides clients with a porter service.

A port service is a type of cleaning service that attends to certain office cleaning needs throughout the day, rather than simply attempting to clean after the office has closed. A porter service does not offer the same type of cleaning that a night service may. Cleaners do their best to be as discreet as possible, this means that they will not interfere with the productivity of the employees.

Despite this there are plenty of services that porters provide. These include: emptying and cleaning trash bins, sanitizing restrooms, cleaning lobbies, dusting and disinfecting furniture, maintaining the safety of the building, setting up meeting rooms, etc.

With the assistance of a porter service, messy work areas will not longer hinder the work progress of employees. Cleaning throughout the day ensures that garbage and unsightly trash does not pile up and turn into a nuisance for employees.

To put the minds of employers at ease, we at Blue Chip put each of our employees under a thorough screening process that includes detailed references and background checks. Employees are bonded, insured, and always carry proper company identification.

With the help of a porter service keeping a NYC office clean has never been easier. Call Blue Chip today to find out how a porter service can improve the productivity and cleanliness of your company.