What to look for in a commercial cleaning business

Commercial cleaning businesses are highly competitive in New York City.  Many provide outstanding service, but there are a few that go above and beyond.  Before make a decision regarding which service to use, consider these factors:

What services does the company provide?  All cleaning companies will offer a basic list of services that include dusting, vacuuming and emptying the trash, but if you really want the job done right, make sure you hire a service that goes the extra mile by offering enhanced services such as carpet and upholstery cleaning, hard floor and hardwood floor cleaning, power washing, special event cleaning, special seasonal cleaning and more.

How well trained are the company’s staff?  Commercial cleaning is much different than cleaning a house.  As such, a company’s staff should know how to tackle special situations, understand how to operate specialized equipment, be familiar with the latest cleaning techniques and most important, what health and safety standards need to be followed.

Is the company committed to green cleaning?  It is one thing to come in a make an office or retail area bright and shiny, but the best companies will also be sensitive to taking a holistic approach to cleaning.  This means they will not only care for buildings, but will be concerned how their techniques can impact workers and visitors.  Make sure to find a company that uses health and eco-friendly supplies and equipment and that they practice eco-conscious cleaning practices.  Green cleaning meets established health and safety standards, reduces human exposure to harmful cleaning residues, and minimizes a variety of impacts on the surfaces and air inside a commercial building.

Experience.  Make sure you hire a company that has been in business for many years.  In a highly competitive field of commercial cleaning, the best advertising for a great service is a long and established track record of success.

Blue Chip Building Maintenance has been providing commercial cleaning services in the New York City metro area for 25 years.