When Did You Last Clean Your Cubicle Walls?

Cleaning Cubicle Walls in NYCThink about how much time you and your staff have spent behind the three fabric walls of your individual cubicles. To some, the number of hours can seem absolutely endless. Now think about how much time you have spent eating, drinking, sniffling and sneezing behind these very same walls.

An often overlooked area of the office, your cubicle walls can attract a lot of dirt, dust and germs. If you haven’t had yours cleaned recently, now just may be the time to do so. Why? Here are just a few simple reasons Blue Chip Building Maintenance, Inc. recommend you freshen your fabric-covered partitions up.

Fewer Allergens

Whether the doors and windows have been open all summer to let in a fresh breeze or they have been closed tight all winter to keep out the wind and snow, your office can be filled with dust particles. These pesky allergens are a top reason behind the sneezing you constantly hear, and can be very frustrating to employees suffering from allergies.

Having your cubicle walls deep cleaned will help your entire office to breathe better, which is welcome any time of the year.

Tidy Appearance

Spills happen, but there is nothing attractive about seeing coffee stains and dirty handprints on your cubicle walls – especially when new employees and clients are being given a tour of your office. With the right cleaning products on hand, these spots can disappear, giving your office the fresh, polished look it needs to impress your customers.

Happy Employees

A clean office is a happy office, and your employees will appreciate you taking the extra step to provide them with a hygienic and comfortable work environment. Having the cubicle walls in your office cleaned can make a huge difference in its overall appearance and will surely impress your team.

Whether you are looking for assistance on a particular cleaning task, or are interested in hiring a janitorial staff for daily, weekly or monthly visits Blue Chip Building Maintenance, Inc. can create and implement a plan that work for you. For more information about our New York City based commercial cleaning services, please call us at 212-564-0100.