Why It Is Important To Have A Commercial Office Cleaning Checklist?

When you need to clean your commercial property, it’s important to have two tools at your disposal: 1) a reputable office cleaning service, and 2) a commercial office cleaning checklist. Although many businesses know it’s important to hire the right cleaning company, there are many businesses that do not make a commercial office cleaning checklist.

This useful reference tool can make it easier to check the performance of your cleaning service and establish expectations. What do you consider “clean?” Your checklist will be your guide, and the foundation of the work that your cleaning service must perform. Below, we’ve listed the three reasons you should consider making a checklist for yourself.

Check Your Cleaning Service Work

You want to know that your commercial cleaning service is doing a good job, but it can be hard to tell if you’re not checking up on their work. Unless your office is very small, checking your commercial cleaning service’s work can be overwhelming – especially if you’re checking it on a regular basis.

When you’ve got a checklist in front of you, it becomes easier to efficiently and easily check the work of your cleaning service. As time goes on, you may check your cleaning service’s work less and less. That’s natural! You should become comfortable with the job they’re doing for you as time goes on. Even if you use the checklist less over time, you’ll still be grateful that you’ve got it.

Establish Expectations

If you’re expecting your commercial cleaning service to accomplish everything on your checklist, then they should have a copy of it as well! Giving a checklist to your commercial cleaning service will make it easier for them to do the job that you want them to do. Your checklist will establish expectations and make it easier for your commercial cleaning service to successfully clean your office.

Because your checklist will establish expectations for your cleaning service, make a point to update your checklist periodically. Every year, review your checklist and add or subtract anything that may have changed about your office. As new people come to work at your business, and as old people leave, the number of workstations to clean and the number of trash cans to empty may change. If your office goes through more significant changes, there could be even more significant changes to your instructions.

Sets Your Commercial Cleaning Service Up for Success

Your commercial cleaning service wants to be successful in their endeavors to keep your office clean – just as much as you want to see them succeed. By creating a checklist for them to use, you’re giving your commercial cleaning service the tools they need to do the job right.

Gives You Time to Think About Your Priorities

There’s one more reason to make a commercial cleaning checklist: it gives you an opportunity to think about what you really want to be kept clean in your office. To make your checklist, walk through your office building from room to room or floor to floor, and write down everything you can think of.

If your checklist is too long to complete in a single cleaning session, you may have to establish an order of priority. The most important tasks will be completed with every session, while the least important tasks will only be done periodically.

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