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10 Overlooked Places Germs are Hiding in Your Office

Germs can hide anywhere in your office, but some areas are hotspots for germ activity. Knowing where these spots are and taking action to keep surfaces clean can help your employees stop spreading germs and illnesses in the workplace. Water Cooler The water cooler is a high-touch part of the office, so naturally, it’s a… Read more »

Understanding How Germs Spread in Your Office

The spread of germs throughout your office can seem mysterious. After all, you can’t see germs – whether they’re on your hands or on the surfaces you’re touching. What makes the spread of germs even more mysterious si that most people don’t even realize how many surfaces they touch throughout the day. This may come… Read more »

Post COVID Commercial Cleaning Concerns

Years ago, office and commercial cleaning wasn’t a hot topic around the office. Today, commercial cleaning services are discussed more often and are in greater demand than ever before. Employees returning to work want to know that their workplaces are safe environments with low transmission of communicable viruses. Cleanliness matters now more than ever. If your… Read more »

8 Benefits of Commercial Janitorial Cleaning

There are many benefits of commercial janitorial cleaning! While some businesses struggle to keep their premises safe and clean for their staff and customers, companies that hire a professional cleaning company can avoid the hassle and worry that comes from maintaining their own commercial property. Here’s what you need to know. 1. Beauty One of… Read more »

Things to Expect from An Office Cleaning Service

Do you know what to expect from an office cleaning service? If not, you’re in for a treat. A good cleaning service should provide reliable services, good customer service and transparent billing practices for clients. The best cleaning services will have the skills, experience and know-how to keep your commercial building looking its best. Knowing… Read more »

Why It Is Important To Have A Commercial Office Cleaning Checklist?

When you need to clean your commercial property, it’s important to have two tools at your disposal: 1) a reputable office cleaning service, and 2) a commercial office cleaning checklist. Although many businesses know it’s important to hire the right cleaning company, there are many businesses that do not make a commercial office cleaning checklist…. Read more »

4 Factors to Consider when Looking for a Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Company

Your commercial enterprise is too important to put in the hands of a sub-par janitorial service. Proper cleaning and sanitation helps keep your business safe for customers and staff. The cleanliness of your commercial property, from its bathroom sinks to the lobby floor, also affects your reputation in your community. It’s vitally important to work… Read more »

Does your Cleaning Company have insurance?

Accidents can happen. This potential exists with even the most careful cleaning service employee. Cleaning service employees are in the position of having care, custody, and control of delicate, sensitive materials on a routine basis which leaves clients open to potential losses. It is not unheard of for a cleaning service technician can apply the incorrect… Read more »

Does your cleaning company conduct background checks on their employees?

In New York City, commercial and office building owners and property managers often times use cleaning services that take care of business after normal working hours.  While surveillance cameras provide a certain level of security when nobody else is around, there are other steps a business can take to make sure they are not the… Read more »

Is It Time to Deep Clean Your Office?

While most people seem to associate deep cleaning with “spring cleaning,” deep cleaning can happen all year round. Deep cleaning keeps your office functioning at peak efficiency and helps maintain employee morale. Cleaning is good for your business because a clean work environment is an organized and functional work environment. If you don’t clean regularly,… Read more »