Indoor Allergies in the Office


As the summer comes to a close, so starts the season of indoor allergies. An estimated 50 million Americans suffer from indoor allergies caused by dust, dander, mold, and mites. At home, it’s easier to control for these factors with regular weekend chores. However in the office, it takes a greater amount of time and energy to keep it clean and allergen free.

The symptoms of indoor allergies can be debilitating, especially if you spend every day from nine to five in an environment that is infested with the allergens. Often times the allergic reaction that we have to indoor allergens mimics the symptoms of a cold – so we go on encouraging employees to wash their hands and sanitize their desks. In reality, the cause may be much deeper. Indoor allergies can cause a whole host of symptoms from a drippy nose, to chills and body aches – all lasting for more than 10 days.

Getting Rid of Indoor Allergies in the Office:

The best way to treat indoor allergy symptoms is to totally avoid the triggers. When you are working in an environment for the majority of your week, it is really hard to control for the triggers. An in depth cleaning is the only way to account for the removal and prevention of such triggers.

Keep Carpets Clean

A simple vacuuming job is likely not going to remove the dust mites that live in it. If your office is carpeted, you will want to make sure that the carpets are deep cleaned very regularly. This is especially true for restaurants. If you are serving food in a carpeted environment, the dust and dust mites are going to collect beneath the fibers and feed on specs of food left over once the customers are gone. The same goes for theaters and other event venues. Any place where there is heavy traffic, food, and carpet – you will want to invest in very regular deep down carpet cleaning.

Clean up after construction projects

Dust and debris left over from construction projects has a way of accumulating and lingering long after the projects are completed. It’s very important to get your workplace professionally cleaned after the completion of renovations and construction projects. The dust that lingers in the air and collects on surfaces is a huge cause of indoor allergies.

Clean all surfaces – high and low

It’s easy to instruct employees to dust their own work areas, but we often neglect some really important areas where dust builds up heavily. Cleaning air vents is essential to the health of your building and facilities. The bathroom and cafeteria/dining area is another place you want to consider investing in. These spaces are high risk for allergens like mold, mildew, and dust mites. When you hire a professional cleaning company, we can ensure that every surface is dust and mold free.

Pest Control

Did you realize that pest dander and their droppings are also another major cause of indoor allergy symptoms? Specifically, cockroaches leave some seriously harmful droppings. Exterminating these guys is necessary to keep everyone in your office in the best of health. In addition to the initial extermination, general cleaning can make sure that they have no reason to return. Also be sure that you have all of your bases covered by planning a regular trash removal schedule.


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