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Green Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services in NYC

Blue Chip Building Maintenance is proud to provide a green cleaning option for environmentally conscious businesses that would like to provide their employees with a healthy, chemical-free space.

How does green cleaning help the environment?

The use of green cleaning products reduces the number of chemicals that are released into the environment, decreasing air pollution and ozone depletion. Recyclable packaging also helps to minimize waste.

How does green cleaning help your employees?

Environmently Friendly Cleaning
Utilizing green cleaning in your facility reduces the amount of chemicals your employees come into contact with each day. By applying natural products instead of man-made ones, there is no risk of inhaling chemicals or absorbing them through the skin. And with the fresh, natural scents of green cleaning products, you no longer have to worry about the strong chemical cleaning odors that often cause headaches.

To learn more about Blue Chip’s green cleaning services and how they can benefit your facility, request a free estimate or call us at 212-564-0100. Our green cleaning products are green certified, ensuring the highest quality protection for your health and the environment.