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Post Construction Cleanup in NYC

We Clean Up What Construction Crews Leave Behind

Making structural and aesthetic improvements to a building or office space is a huge investment of time and resources. A renovation project is not complete, however, without a professional and thorough cleaning. That’s where Blue Chip Building Maintenance comes in. We provide the final touch necessary for your building’s debut so that you can welcome your employees and clients into a clean, fresh smelling and fully presentable space.

A final deep cleaning is essential for the health and safety of those who conduct business in the new facility. If left unchecked, construction dust often becomes airborne and can have many negative effects on the respiratory and immune system.

During post construction cleanup, we remove all of the dust, dirt, and debris left behind from the construction crew, as well as the following services:

Post Construction Cleaning in NYC
  • Wash all surfaces and remove stains
  • Remove high dust from light fixtures, vents, ductwork, ceiling pipes, etc.
  • Scrub, dust and vacuum all surfaces including furniture and trim work
  • Sanitize kitchens and lavatories
  • Clean insides of desks and file cabinets
  • Scrub floors and tiles, polish stainless steel, wipe walls, etc.
  • Clean, wax and buff floors
  • Clean windowsills and window frames
  • Clean windows and glass including scraping and etching removal

Post construction cleanup sets the precedence for ongoing and future building maintenance services and will ensure that your new improvements look their best. To learn more about how Blue Chip can prepare your renovated or new NYC space for move-in day, please call us at 212-564-0100. We look forward to hearing from you.