Superintendent Maintenance Services in NYC
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Property Superintendent & Facility Management Services in New York

Maintain your property’s highest standards with a superintendent from Blue Chip

There’s no better way to ensure that your property will be maintained to the standards than with a qualified and experienced superintendent from Blue Chip. Directly responsible for all issues pertaining to building maintenance, service and staff, a superintendent is an indispensable resource for many residential, commercial and institutional buildings.

For more than twenty years, Blue Chip has provided owners and managers of office and apartment buildings, schools, houses of worship and event venues with on-site personnel, to maintain and supervise their facilities.

Our superintendents are trained to handle a variety of responsibilities, such as:
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  • Maintain a high level of cleanliness throughout the building and surrounding perimeter
  • Perform minor repairs and adjustments
  • Supervise subcontractors
  • Maintain budget and inventory supplies
  • Meet with tenants and building management
  • Handle deliveries

Blue Chip NYC building superintendents are professional and present themselves in a businesslike manner. They are trained and experienced in building operations and possess the communication skills necessary to deal with tenants and management. As with all Blue Chip employees, they are insured and bonded for your peace of mind and security.

To learn more about maintaining your property to the highest standards of operation and safety with a superintendent from Blue Chip, please request a free estimate or call us at 212-564-0100. We look forward to hearing from you.