How to Clean Responsibly

With the talk surrounding global warming heating up, many employers are becoming conscious about their affect on the environment. In NYC many managers and CEOs are turning heads in regards to how they’re altering their businesses in order to provide green solutions to the ways in which they used to operate. There are many ways in which a business can go green. One of these ways is to hire a NY commercial cleaning company that knows how to clean without hurting the environment.

At Blue Chip we offer clients the option of going green. Selecting a green cleaning option for your business means using green cleaning products that are proven to reduce the number of chemicals that are released in the environment. This in turn decreases air pollution and ozone depletion. Our cleaning company will also be sure to put an emphasis on recycling packing so as to minimize waste.

Cleaning an office the green way not only helps the whole of the world but also improves the quality of the work environment for employees. Man-made products can kill bacteria but can also linger in the air and cause issues later down the road for those that come into contact with them. When natural cleaning products are used employees are less likely to inhale and absorb these chemicals through the skin. Considering that cleaning crews will likely be on your company’s premises to clean at least a few times a week, you’ll surely want them to be using chemicals that have no affect on the environment or your workforce.

To find out more about the green cleaning service provided by the commercial cleaning services of New York-based Blue Chip you’ll have to give us a call. We offer janitorial cleaning services, floor cleaning & waxing, stripping & sealing, carpet cleaning & vacuuming, and porter services to name a few.