How to Clean Responsibly

Heat waves, droughts, and extreme weather are some of the well-known effects of climate change, and society is feeling these effects today. Meanwhile, pollution contributes to poor air quality and reduced quality of life in cities around the globe. These problems are all due to human activity. In our day-to-day lives, we contribute to the pollution and changes in the environment that are having catastrophic effects on people, animals, and environments around the world.

There are many things that businesses and individuals can do to play their part and protect the environment. Green cleaning is one way that businesses can reduce their impact on the environment and help protect the planet.

Green Cleaning Is Better for the Environment

At Blue Chip, we offer clients a green cleaning option for those who prioritize the environment and the health and safety of their workers. According to the EPA, there are many ways that use of green cleaning products helps contribute to a cleaner, healthier environment:

  • Green chemicals are less likely to end up in the environment, where they do harm
  • Animals and plants in the environment are less likely to be harmed by these chemicals
  • Green chemicals have a reduced potential for creating smog, contributing to global warming and depleting the ozone layer
  • Green chemicals are less likely to disrupt the ecosystem and contribute to hazardous waste landfills

Green Cleaning is Also Better for Human Health

Green cleaning also helps improve the work environment for employees. Man-made products can kill bacteria but can also linger in the air and on surfaces that people come into contact with. According to the EPA, there are many ways that green chemicals are better for humans as well as the environment.

  • Green cleaning products are less likely to damage the lungs
  • Green cleaning products release fewer hazardous chemicals into the water, thus contributing to cleaner drinking water
  • Use of safe cleaning products encourages more companies to make and use safe cleaning products, which has a cascading effect on the health and safety of workers
  • Eliminating toxic chemicals from the environment can lead to fewer toxic chemicals in the food chain

Using green chemicals in the workplace is good for the people who work there, and good for the clients or customers who visit these sites on a regular basis.

Green Cleaning Is Just As Effective As Standard Cleaning

Our green cleaning processes are just as effective as standard cleaning processes, and they’re better for the people and the environment. If you have a commercial property to keep clean, ask Blue Chip about our green cleaning processes.

Get Green Cleaning Services Today from Blue Chip Cleaning

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