Month: June 2014

Dangerous Dust: Why Regular Green Cleaning is Necessary

Environmently Friendly Cleaning

Green cleaning matters: to your health, safety, and happiness. If you’re a business owner, green cleaning can protect your employees and clients from health hazards and chronic conditions. These health hazards can reduce the quality of life of anyone who works at your office, decrease your office morale, slow productivity, and cost your business money…. Read more »

Waxing 101 | What you need to know about waxing floors

Floor waxing is an undervalued part of building maintenance. Our floors are naturally prone to dings, scratches, dirt, and debris buildup. As time goes on, floors (especially hardwood and linoleum) are exposed to a myriad of damaging effects. The process of waxing enables these surfaces to be restored and also helps in protecting them from… Read more »