Think “green” when it comes to commercial building cleaning services

Smart business and building owners know that a clean building is a safe building, providing an environment that is healthy for both workers and visitors.  While there are many ways to ensure that an office is as clean as possible, not all cleaning solutions are created equal.

For building and business owners who are sensitive to the holistic needs of their properties, choosing a “green” solution when it comes to sanitizing their environment makes sense for many reasons.

Using EPA rated chemicals that are classified as “green” sends an important message to workers that an owner cares about their needs as well as showing concern for the environment.  Using organic materials means that workers and visitors have less instances of allergy problems and all people on site will be better protected from harmful chemicals.  Paying attention to the science behind the function of cleaning also means that building occupants will experience less eye, skin and respiratory irritations, including asthma attacks.

This also means that over the longer term, any one who comes in contact with green cleaning chemicals will have a reduced chance of contracting illnesses such as cancer, reproductive or neurological disorders.  This can happen when people come in contact with residues left on water fountains or on food preparation surfaces.

In addition, using green cleaning products also improves air quality.  When you step into a newly cleaned building, if you smell a chemical residue, that means there are still chemicals in the air.  When you use green products, the harmful effects of these residues are substantially reduced.

Blue Chip Building Maintenance has been providing commercial cleaning services in the New York City metro area for 25 years.